All the best emergency contact capabilities in one easy-to-use app

  • Professional 24/7 emergency assistance & support

  • Safety and support at the touch of a button

  • Live video call, voice call or instant message chat

  • Live location tracking during emergency calls

who's it for?

Personal security at the touch of a button for...


24/7 professional assistance at the touch of a button

  • Access professional emergency
    assistance at any time

  • Trained operators have a virtual
    presence at the scene

  • Leverages Emergency Services
    to get the help you need


Contact our support team, by video, voice or chat

  • Video chat directly with our
    24/7 response operators

  • Don't want video call?
    Connect with voice only

  • Can’t or don’t want to talk?
    Connect with chat


Instant CCTV, 24/7 personal monitoring and other Help Numbers

  • Stream CCTV for evidence
    and a deterrant

  • Set your WatchMe timer for
    personalised monitoring

  • Access a range of other help
    numbers all in one spot

Lifestream is helping Australians feel safe

“Working as a first responder, we often attend emergencies with inaccurate or insufficient information.

Lifestream could help us with that.”
Tom, Firefighter
"We had lost power in our building and I got stuck in an elevator. I tried the emergency button, but it wasn't working. I used the Lifestream app and in minutes, three firefighters
were there to help."
Ahmed, a recent migrant
“I was having a mental breakdown and wasn’t sure who to call or what to do, so I used Lifestream and the operator helped and sent an ambulance. They arrived quickly and I received the care and support I needed at the time.”
Name withheld, International Student

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